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Auspicious Laboratory, Inc. provides
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Most testing can be done within 12 to 48 hours depending on the test.

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About Us


We are a CLIA/CAP certified high complexity medical laboratory that specializes in COVID-19 PCR testing, Traveling COVID-19 PCR testing, COVID-19 Antibody testing, drug testing, virology and bacteriology testing, medical surveillance testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, forensic toxicology, and medication monitoring. 

All of our testing is done onsite at our Houston laboratory, with accurate and expedited results. Most testing can be done within 12 to 48 hours depending on the test. Our customer experience is unmatched!

How We Can Help


As one of Houston’s most reliable medical testing providers, we will guide you through your medical testing options, making sure you receive the results during the timeframe you need. Whether it is for same-day COVID-19 PCR testing, or urine toxicology screening and confirmation, we are your reliable medical testing laboratory.

We run medical tests for individual patients, clinics, schools, and businesses in Houston.



Our lab is located in Houston, meaning all of our testing is done locally in our lab.

This means we can produce results faster than other labs that outsource their testing.



I got an emergency call from my mom saying my dad is very sick and wanted to see me. I booked ticket for next day travel and realized that I needed do a PCR testing before I go. Thank god my friend referred Auspicious Lab to me. The workers there are very nice and efficient, I got the report by email in 4 hours.

Frank S.


Auspicious lab is my final stop. I needed to do a business trip out of country and a PCR report was required. I went to a free test place first, after waiting for a day, I called them, they said no report if I am ok. Then I went to CVS, it is already the last day before I leave, I still have not got the report. I called my doctor they said Auspicious is the fast one, I got in there in the morning and got report the same day.

Larry L.


I need go back Nigeria to see my family and do pcr testing 72 hours before I go. I called Auspicious lab, a nice lady JJ answered my phone and helped me arrange the appointment since I really don’t know when I should do the test to meet the requirement. I did the test in the car and got the same day report. I refer this lab to all my friends.

Prince O.


Are you traveling domestic or internationally and need a same day COVID-19 PCR test?

Our world is beginning to open, and traveling has become something that many are doing. If you happen to be traveling domestic and internationally to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, etc., make sure you are meeting their local guidelines for COVID-19 PCR testing before you travel.