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Same Day PCR Covid-19 Testing in Houston With  Auspicious Labs.

Same day Covid 19 PCR Testing Center ensures availability of the results within the time frame. Covid 19 swept our nation and our world unexpectedly. With that, the need for testing for Covid has since increased. Because of this, we are announcing that Auspicious Labs has added Covid Testing to the list of services we provide to our community. We ensure same-day PCR Covid 19 Test results in Houston.

Our world is beginning to open up, and traveling has become something that many are doing. If you happen to be traveling to another country, their health department might have different rules when it comes to testing. Meet the international certificate requirement before your next trip. Get your QR code added PCR Test result while traveling Internation destination.

The majority of the time to get on the flight, a passenger is required to show a negative Covid test that is no more than 3 days old.

Covid 19 test

Same Day Covid 19 Test & Result To Meet the Travelling Needs in Houston.

In compliance with airline requirements, you need COVID 19 test report. Call us today to confirm your appointment for the same-day COVID 19 PCR test with same-day results.



We are closed on Sunday and Major US Holidays.

Instant Covid-19 PCR Testing With Auspicious Labs

Auspicious Lab is pleased to offer an efficient PCR testing service in Houston. Most testing can be done within 12 to 48 hours depending on the test.

Morning test before 11 AM, Results Ready Between 4 PM-5 PM.

Afternoon Test, Results Ready Around Noon The Following Day.


  • Morning test before 11 AM, Results Ready Between 4PM-5PM & Afternoon Test, Results Ready Around Noon The Following Day.
  • Before Flight/Travel, 1-2 hour PCR Test RUSH Available! ($250)
  • Same day Covid-19 RT-PCR $130
  • PCR Covid Test, Sars-Cov-2, Nucleic Acid RT-PCR
  • QR Code is included in the report.

  • Results available within 24 hours
  • Meet your required travel testing certificate need
  • No Pain, Easy Swab
  • In-Network With Most Insurance
  • Self Pay/Out of pocket cost: $130


For non-emergencies, please fill out the form below. If it is urgent, please call us at 713-266-0808 to schedule an appointment.


    We are closed on

    Sunday and Major US Holidays.

    We Specialize in COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing in Houston.

    Same Day Covid-19 RT-PCR- $130
    One Hour Covid-19 RT-PCR- $250

    Our Houston COVID-19 testing center performs Sars-Cov-2 Nucleic Acid RT-PCR Nasal Swab Collection COVID-19 PCR tests.

    This is the regular testing that you hear most people receive. This test is ideal for those traveling domestic and internationally to:

    Most countries require negative COVID-19 PCR test report within three days of travel. At Auspicious Laboratory, we can help you meet your COVID-19 PCR test requirements so that you can receive your test results in time for travel.
    Report can be emailed or hard paper printed out and stamped if needed per travel requirement.

    No Appointment Allowed

    On Sunday and Major US Holidays.

    Same Day PCR COVID Testing Report in Houston.

    If that is the case, you need rapid testing in Houston and the surrounding area that will have your results on the same day. At Auspicious Labs, we provide instant Covid testing near you. We are conveniently located at 3707 Westcenter Dr # 100, Houston, TX 77042

    Depending on when you need your test, we can have your result ready in a couple of hours. We have people that come in that need a covid test that day because they have a flight that day. So because of this, we offer same-day testing and results.

    Our goal is to get you tested that day and provide you with your results as soon as we can. If you come in before 11 AM, your results will be ready by afternoon, specifically between 4-5 PM.

    For those that come in after 11 AM, we promise to have your results ready around noon the next day. It is essential that we fulfill this goal to each client that comes in. We understand that your test is a priority to you, and you need your results as soon as possible. So we will make sure that you have your results as quickly as possible since most tests are not for health purposes but travel purposes.

    In addition to that, if you have come for our rush testing service, we can have your results in a matter of hours. But the price will be more because we are using a different testing method, and the costs are higher for us.

    covid 19 test

    How does Same Day Covid PCR Testing Work in Houston?

    We do Sars-Cov-2 Nucleic Acid RT-PCR Nasal Swab Collection Covid-19 tests. This is the regular testing that you hear most people receive. A swab is placed into the nasal and moved around. Then it is placed into a container and sent to the testing lab.

    This procedure is very simple but can be a bit uncomfortable. The lab technicians performing the test will warn you and try to keep you as comfortable as they can.

    In addition, we also do 15 min rapid IgG/IgM antibody testing. There has been a lot of research on this recently. Antibody testing is just a test that looks to see if your body carries antibodies for Covid 19. This test is not done simultaneously when you get your PCR Covid testing. You need to ask for this test, and it does have a separate cost.

    If you would like to get antibody testing, just let us know, and we can have the results of that in 15 minutes.

    If you have any questions about Covid testing or Antibody testing, give us a call, and we will be happy to answer them.

    How long can I have my Covid 19 Test Results in Houston?

    Our overall goal in Houston is to have your results ready for you in a couple of hours for rush or regular 4-5 to 24 hours. If it’s a rush test, results will be ready in a couple of hours, and regular tests will be ready between 4-5 hours or 24 hours after your visit.  In our same-day PCR Covid Test in Houston, we have multiple options to choose from based on your urgency and time requirements.

    If you would like more information on our instant Covid 19 testing near me results, give us a call or send us an email.

    same day covid test

    How much does it Cost?

    We get the question of how much does Covid testing cost, and can my insurance this cost? The answer to these questions comes with the condition of how fast you need your results.

    At Auspicious Labs, we do accept insurance in Houston. Depending on your insurance company and the terms they have, the amount they cover may be different. But we see insurance companies cover the entire cost, and clients don’t have to pay anything.

    In Houston, if you come in for a same-day PCR COVID test which is known as a 1-2 hour rush test, then the cost of testing is $200. For example, if you come in a couple of hours before your flight, you would require this testing.

    You can also self-pay for your testing. The total cost for self-pay is $130. We accept Zelle Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards, and Cash.

    Same day covid test houston

    Instant Covid-19 Testing for Quickest Result Near me In Houston.

    We here at Auspicious Labs have been serving our community since 2012. That is 9 years of providing quality service. Our lab also provides other types of testing. The goal we have for every service that we provide is to have the results by 24 to 48 hours. This is our constant promise to all of our customers.

    Our Covid 19 test turnaround time can be as quick as 2-5 hours or 12-24 hours. Our service is usually fast, and we are sure to have your results the same day.

    There is no need to book an appointment. We understand that you are busy and might have just found time in your day to get tested. Because of this, walk-ins are accepted.

    We have experienced lab technicians that know exactly how to proceed with your tests. You will not have to worry about the test being mixed up or having a test that is not done well. We care for your health just as much as you care for yours.

    Our lab is open Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. On Saturdays, we are open from 8 AM to 4 PM. Come and visit us during this time, and we will be able to provide you your Covid 19 test. Located in the Westchase area, near West Beltway 8 and Westpark, Auspicious Labs has rapid Covid testing.

    To get instant Covid 19 testing near me, visit us at Auspicious Labs.


    We are Serving Clients from Houston and Surrounding Areas.

    Whether you need PCR COVID 10 Test for travelling purposes or for any other reason, we want to assure you of our best support in Houston.

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    Very prompt and efficient service, no waiting and great customer service.

    Florestine Albert

    They were professional & got results back on time, offices were neat & the staff was great. Excellent.

    Jaime Rodriguez

    You can register online. Short waiting time and results provided in a timely manner!

    Hengil Rodriguez de Mosquera

    Efficient and prompt service delivery. I’ll certainly recommend Auspicious Lab to others.

    Charles Mrabure

    Highly professional and efficient operation. Paid nothing out of pocket. Very quick to get the results!

    Michael Tuvim

    Informal, fast and simple. Affordable, at least than rather than Quest!

    Antonio Villela

    I was extremely pleased. I discovered them quite by chance by googling Covid testing centers. I was headed for CVC but canceled when I learned that I would have to swab myself. Auspicious Labs staff was very courteous and professional. No wait time for PCR Covid Test in houston. I highly recommend it.

    Kartikay Sonrexa

    A great experience…fast service, friendly people, fast results for Covid Test

    Craig Jones

    Fast, efficient service. Called by telephone first and was offered a walk- in service. Arrived 20 mins later on Walk- in and was attended to immediately. Arrived 10.30am and received results at 16.00 same day. Very impressive. Great service.


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    Very prompt and professional.

    Phillip Brooks

    Great efficient service and friendly staff! I had my Covid PCR test at 11am and had my results for travel back to Canada by 4:33pm the same day.

    Cindy Marks

    Staff was very courteous and efficient. Excellent experience!

    Barb Mushinski



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