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I was stressed out about traveling but Auspicious Lab saved the day, The last company that took my PCR test for travel didn’t deliver the results and it was 3 days already, My flight was the next evening and needless to stay my stress level was getting high, I found Auspicious Labs online and gave them a call. I got my results same day and was able to board my flight stress free. They even provided me with a walk through for the paperwork I would need show at the airport to speed up the process.

Langosh Mia
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The service here was incredible, especially from J.J! She was very kind and when I told her that I needed a test for a airplane flight she gave me the right test so I wouldn’t get rejected at the airport! She made me feel comfortable and I was able to receive results the same day. Thanks JJ! Your services were beyond helpful.

Melissa Gomez
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In fact, most of reagent can detect several virus. For example, if somebody infect virus other than Covid 19, the reagent for Covid 19 may show positive, that is why some Doctor usually offer to do other different test to make sure the virus infection, this is very normal in hospital. In addition, the percentage of false negatives are much more than false positive in real case study. I totally understood false positives upset us, but false negatives did not. So, we have to refresh our mind, if you have positive result, that might be several possibilities, maybe you infect other virus which is not serious; maybe the negative result is false; maybe you already have positive antibody……I have been to Auspicious Laboratory Inc. 3 times for my test, this is really good place to get very fast and accurate test result. Every time, when I was in Lab, it is very clean, and make me comfortable, the laboratory technicians are very nice, they are very professional. Most important of all, I can complete the test and got result at the same day, my test result was positive, so they helped me to prevent from getting worse. Afterwards, I referral some patients, some of them didn’t have health insurance, the lab technicians were still very nice, the testing expenses was good for the patients. I hope more and more patients can get Auspicious Laboratory’s help !!!

Linda Zhang
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I got an emergency call from my mom saying my dad is very sick and want to see me. I booked ticket for next day travel and realize that I need do a PCR testing before I go. Thanks god my friend referred Auspicious Lab to me. The workers there are very nice and efficient, I get the report by email in 4 hours.

Frank S.
I need go back Nigeria to see my family and do a pcr testing 72 hours before I go. I called Auspicious lab, a nice lady JJ answered my phone and helped me arrange the appointment since I really don’t know when I should do the test to meet the requirement. I did the test in the car and got the same day report. I refer this lab to all my friends.

Prince O.
Auspicious lab is my final stop. I need do a business trip out of country and a pcr report is required. I went to a free test place first, after waiting for a day, I called them, they said no report if I am ok. Then I went to CVS, it is already the last day before I leave, I still have not get the report. I called my doctor they said Auspicious is the fast one, I got in there in the morning and got report received at the same day.

Larry L.
Very prompt and efficient service, no waiting and great customer service.

Florestine Albert

They were professional & got results back on time, offices were neat & the staff was great. Excellent.

Jaime Rodriguez

You can register online. Short waiting time and results provided in a timely manner!

Hengil Rodriguez de Mosquera

Efficient and prompt service delivery. I’ll certainly recommend Auspicious Lab to others.

Charles Mrabure

Highly professional and efficient operation. Paid nothing out of pocket. Very quick to get the results!

Michael Tuvim

Informal, fast and simple. Affordable, at least than rather than Quest!

Antonio Villela